Winery Trailblazer

The Internet has opened a tremendous opportunity to reach niche buyers directly with targeted information that costs a fraction of what big-budget advertising costs. The ability to reach people who have already ‘put up their hand’ showing their interest in what you have to offer.

The way we do this is to strategically share relevant information or content about your business; content which can be easily found by those actively looking for what you offer. Sharing on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest can bring huge increases in traffic and potential buyers to your business/winery.

Winery Trailblazer - Danette Hibberd

Reaching the (already interested) masses is crucial to business growth, and Winery Trailblazer was founded to work specifically with wineries and businesses associated in the wine industry to gain more exposure, more customers and ultimately more profits.

Winery Trailblazer Radio Show

Winery Trailblazer Radio ShowAs well as working together with the marketing staff in these businesses, designing and implementing a strategic blueprint to “radiate their online DNA” , a successful avenue for exposure is the Winery Trailblazer Radio Show. Each episode I chat with a special guest from a particular winery or business associated in the wine industry from all different regions of Australia.

The radio show provides an opportunity for wineries to share their story, promote their wines as well as discuss new media marketing strategies that are currently working for them or others that can be implemented by them.

Click the link if you would like more information on being a guest on a future episode of the Winery Trailblazer Radio Show.

Workshops For Wineries

Marketing For WineriesHands-On marketing workshops for wineries are run for staff to learn how to incorporate and utilize latest social media and digital marketing strategies in their day to day businesses. I take you by the hand, showing participants exactly how to set up and optimize these platforms to generate and build relationships with your community.

Workshops may be public (with staff from several wineries in attendance) or In-House (working exclusively with your staff).

For further information on the Hands-On Workshops For Wineries, please contact me.


For further information on Winery Trailblazer, the Winery Trailblazer Radio Show or Marketing Workshops for your Winery, please contact Danette Hibberd.